Who are we

Legally we are a Cooperative.

This Cooperative is initiated by Marieke van Osch & Marco Matthijsen. Both with longtime experience in the Netherlands and abroad in education innovation and education governance. Other members are already in vision and engaged and will soon be published here too.


Marieke van Osch

Chairman SkillsVision Cooperative U.A.:

  • The expert in the Netherlands and abroad about education apps, initiated and hosts www.eduapp.nl, the website in the Netherlands about education apps, with 40.000 users.
  • Experienced in innovative education, especially student centred learning.
  • Has worked many years for the Dutch Agency for innovation in educatoin with ict.



Marco Matthijsen

Secretary and Treasurer SkillsVision Cooperative U.A.:

  • Educated as a legal professional
  • Known by the Labour Union of teachers as the educationalist among the governance consultants of school boards.
  • Has lead many national and international innovative education projects.
  • Has a wide expertise in innovation in education, but is also compassionated for education rights.
  • Motto: Schools are bridges for students of present, past and future. Meaning, all people involved from Minister to parent should hold that in mind and commit ourselves to cherishing that challenging task.